8 Tips to Maintain Your Nutrition Plan


…while at an event

…while away from home

…while visiting family/friends

…while hosting a holiday potluck

8 Nutrition Tips

Do you have difficulty staying on your nutrition plan?

Are you tempted to cheat while 

with family

with friends

at a restaurant

or when you see yummy treats, desserts, gluten, dairy, or anything that does not agree with your current state of health?

Do you dread going out to places where you will encounter food that no longer serves you on your multiple sclerosis journey?

Have no fear

There’s a solution to that problem! 👌🏾

8 Nutrition Tips was created for YOU!

As you probably know, chronic inflammation and oxidative stress drive multiple sclerosis. One of the major ways by which we combat these is by eating anti-inflammatory antioxidant-rich foods, but while also avoiding inflammatory foods. It is often the most challenging to avoid inflammatory foods, however. 

In a 2018 review article of current literature on the role of diet in MS published in Current Nutrition Reports, they concluded that the potential for diet to significantly impact MS had been demonstrated. 

The 2021 WAVES Trial comparing 2 popular MS diets concluded that both The Wahls Elimination Diet and Swank Diet reduce fatigue and improve quality of life with MS. 

In this free resource, you will…

Learn the exact strategies that will help you stay on the nutritional parameters that you have set for yourself as optimal for managing MS

Learn what to do in a variety of situations to help you eat what is beneficial to you 

Learn how to say no to or avoid eating those things that will leave you feeling poorly the next day or week, or even throw you into a flare or downward spiral

Learn what to do in the event that you might eat something that will not agree with you, whether through cross-contamination or oversight because someone else did not follow 100% of your specifications in preparing your food

⇓ Here’s what MS Warriors are saying!!! ⇓

Focusing on a targeted nutrient-dense anti-inflammatory diet is a major strategy to improve and maintain wellness with MS

To crush MS, you need to master the nutrition plan, and then maintain with these principles that I have accumulated over time, which are proven to work

In 2022, it’s a little more than eat this and don’t eat that

It is important to know what to do when outside of your usual comfort zone where you control everything and have formed a habit around your own immediate environment

What can you do when you don’t have 100% control?

⇓ Go ahead and grab your copy!!! ⇓

Brought to you by Dr. Folake Taylor, a doctor of internal medicine & MS Recovery Expert

After several decades of mysterious symptoms, Dr. Taylor became disabled and was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. It is her mission to educate fellow MS Warriors about all the tips and tricks that helped her go from a scooter to walking. She has created MS Mastery™, an online MS recovery program to help spread the word.


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