Top 10 Antioxidants for MS

Learn How and What Antioxidants Can Help Manage Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms!



Do you suffer from 



Muscle Spasms

Bladder issues

There’s an antioxidant for that… and many more symptoms! 👌🏾

Top 10 Antioxidants for MS was created for YOU!

Have you ever heard of oxidative stress? It’s a mismatch between the energy your body needs and the energy it has. More importantly, I give you tools to combat it called antioxidants.

Why is this important?

In a recent study, a systematic search of PubMed and Web of Science showed that oxidative stress has been suggested to play a key role in multiple sclerosis (MS). This 2020 study published in frontiers in Neuroscience shows that patients with MS had significantly increased blood oxidative stress markers. 

Antioxidants help you hack the powerhouse of the cells of your body, those little things called mitochondria. And you don’t even have to know what those are either. The important thing is that antioxidants make you feel stronger and perform better, depending on what part of your body each acts on the most. 

In this free resource, you will…

Learn what foods are highest in certain antioxidants, whether it’s cruciferous veggies or root veggies, berries or other fruit, or a flowering herb. There is so much that nature has to offer to support our recovery from illness.

Learn what antioxidants are best as supplements, where you can get a lot more than you ever could from eating foods that contain them. It’s all in the concentration of the needed nutrients and you can’t always get enough of certain antioxidants from foods.

Learn what symptoms these antioxidants target. From alleviating specific symptoms to a general lowering of inflammation in the body, antioxidants have got you covered. 

⇓ Here’s what MS Warriors are saying!!! ⇓

Dr. Taylor is totally on point with her Antioxidant guide. Many of MS Warriors may not know the variety and importance of these 10 Antioxidants.  This reminded me of some things i had forgotten about as well as opened my eyes to some hidden gems. Sometimes we can get in a groove and forget to take in the things we need. Many times nutritionist and dietitians put out information that is confusing but this is concise and to the point.  Thank you for your guidance and insight.

Kathy Chester

Certified MS Trainer. Host, Move It Or Lose It Podcast. MS Warrior.

I experience incontinence [Urinary]. Dr. Taylor shared with us that she used [xxx] pills. I ordered it and told another gentleman who was experiencing that and was recently diagnosed with MS, for which doctors were prescribing meds. He just shared with me that he’s got a serious improvement from incontinence, and so am I.

Linda Mokeme

Amazon Bestselling Author of "The Gift Of Multiple Sclerosis, Living Fully And Joyfully Without Depression." MS Warrior

Focusing on targeted antioxidants is complementary to a nutrient-dense anti-inflammatory diet, as well as addressing the root cause 

To crush MS, you need to master these principles

In 2022, nobody should depend solely on disease-modifying therapies DMTs

DMTs mostly slow down progression, but your day-to-day symptoms are often a major deterrent to fully thriving with MS. While everyone is different, wouldn’t you like to see what symptoms you can knock out with an antioxidant or two?

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Brought to you by Dr. Folake Taylor, a doctor of internal medicine & MS Recovery Expert

After several decades of mysterious symptoms, Dr. Taylor became disabled and was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. It is her mission to educate fellow MS Warriors about all the tips and tricks that helped her go from a scooter to walking. She has created MS Mastery™, an online MS recovery program to help spread the word.


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