MS Mastery™

Your Blueprint For Multiple Sclerosis Recovery

Hi there MS Warrior!

Did you know that our body has the innate ability to heal from inflammation & autoimmunity?

Modern life throws a lot at our bodies that make us ill and keep us ill, by inhibiting the body’s natural healing & detoxification process.

This is essentially my MS recovery journey as an online course, rather than a book or documentary. I teach you what I have learned since I became ill and disabled in 2014, then diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis PPMS in 2016. These are the same modalities that helped me recover most of my physical and cognitive abilities.

At the end of this course, if implemented practically, you will be able to see a slowing of MS progression, a halting of MS progression, or even remission.

I will teach you what I have done over the past 8 years that has me thriving with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. This is despite what started as an aggressive and fast-declining PPMS disease course, that would otherwise have had me bed-bound by now.

This online course MS Mastery™ will include the self-study core content, as well as weekly interactive virtual question and answer sessions.

The course addresses all the basics, with regard to what to implement along your journey to wellness. It also includes taking a deeper dive for those folks like me, who need to do “all the things” to see appreciable gains from their baseline MS state.

By getting on this waitlist, you will be the first to know when MS Mastery™ is ready to launch. You will get a chance to be a founding member, access to deep discounts, and extra bonuses. If I choose to beta test, you will also be the first to know.

What are you still waiting on? Drop that name and email address with a quickness and get on this list already!!! 😆

Brought to you by Dr. Folake Taylor, a doctor of internal medicine and MS Educator

After several decades of mysterious physical symptoms, Dr. Taylor became disabled and was subsequently diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. It is her mission to educate fellow MS Warriors about all the tips and tricks that helped her go from a scooter to walking. She is currently creating MS Mastery™, an online MS recovery course to help disseminate this knowledge.


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