🆓 MS Symptom

Management QUIZ!!!

Do you have difficulty with problematic MS symptoms?

Perhaps one or some more than others?

No worries

I get it

And I’ve got YOU!

This MS symptoms management quiz is just what you need

Have no fear

There’s a solution to that problem! 👌🏾


A decade of disability 

A diagnosis of primary progressive multiple sclerosis

And a lot of research and hard work dedicated to getting better


Reversal of physical and cognitive disabilities

So, I know a thing or two about managing our most problematic MS symptoms

And I can’t wait to share it with you

In this free resource, you will…

Pinpoint which one of the top MS  symptom complaints bothers you most

Learn specific ways to mitigate it

Learn general ways to mitigate MS as a whole

All for FREE

And then get a chance to keep learning…

⇓ Here’s what people with MS are saying!!! ⇓

I love the quiz and the results page. So awesome. Makes me want to take your course all over again.


I just completed it, and my results are spot on with mood. The breakdown is stellar Folake!


And you get a chance to keep coming back for more information as your MS course changes

Do you know how MS doesn’t always show up the same?

Today, or this week, or even for months, you have challenges with a certain symptom

A few months down the line, it’s shifted and it’s another challenge

That’s when you come back to this quiz to get some more ideas about what to tweak for the new challenge

Brought to you by Dr. Folake Taylor, a doctor of internal medicine & MS Recovery Expert

After several decades of mysterious symptoms, Dr. Taylor became disabled and was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. It is her mission to educate fellow MS Warriors about all the tips and tricks that helped her go from a scooter to walking. She has created MS Mastery®, an online MS recovery program to help spread the word.


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