Dr Folake’s Professional Bio & Photos

Dr. Folake Taylor is an internal medicine physician and a fellow of the American College of Physicians ACP, turned Multiple Sclerosis MS Recovery Expert and Educator. In her other life, she was a beloved neighborhood primary care physician PCP for 15 years in the Atlanta metro area.

She was born in Birmingham, UK, and cannot remember a time since childhood, when she did not have physical limitations, or an inability to do things other kids and teenagers could do.

After decades of very slowly declining physical abilities and 2 years of physical disability, she was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis PPMS in 2016.

She eventually had to quit practicing medicine due to physical and worsening cognitive disability in 2021, as complications of PPMS.

Her determination to beat PPMS led her to discover how to recover from disability, using nutrition, exercise, and various holistic adjunctive practices.

She no longer uses a transport chair, scooter, walker, or cane for mobility and her cognition continues to improve. She recently came off of her disease-modifying therapy DMT, Ocrevus as well.

Her mission is to teach other women with MS how to improve their quality of life and functionality by having fewer daily symptoms and flares because she loves to see others with MS win.

She has developed a 12-week online program, MS Mastery® Your Blueprint for Multiple Sclerosis Recovery.

Dr. Taylor lives with her husband, daughter, and fur baby in a suburb of Atlanta, GA.

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