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MS Recovery Expert & Educator 

Internal Medicine Physician

Who Am I?

I’m an internal medicine physician by training, and I practiced in the outpatient landscape in this capacity for 15 years in the Atlanta metro area, the last 7 years of which I began to increasingly infuse holistic wellness into my practice. This was well received by my patients, who then brought on friends and family members to see this doctor who could see you for an entire visit, and often only recommend supplements and certain lifestyle changes, rather than prescribe a medication, or order expensive tests.

I have recently stopped practicing internal medicine. I am turning my lemons to lemonade, and using my disability experience to help lift others up.

Now, I have moved into the holistic wellness space, as an MS recovery expert & educator, based on my experience & success in living with Primary Progressive MS. I was diagnosed in 2016, but like many, I’d been declining for decades. I have gained a lot of knowledge about nutrition, supplements, appropriate lifestyle changes, mindset, fitness, rehabilitation, complementary & alternative medicine, as well as biohacking. I cannot wait to share it all with the world.

I am not against the conventional management of MS. On the contrary, I encourage you to continue to partner with your doctor but add on alternative and adjunctive therapies, that MS patients are having success with, to improve your overall quality of life.

My aim is to show you how to lower the burden of illness and disability from MS, other autoimmune diseases, or chronic illness journey, through holistic practices.

I am The MS Educator!


More About Me

I was born in the United Kingdom, and I was raised in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

The Atlanta Metro Area is where my family calls home. That is the love of my life, Layi, our amazing teenage daughter Jordan, and our dog Whoopi.

Though I haven’t done this enough lately, I love to read, and look forward to getting back to my To Be Read TBR pile.

I also love to watch TV with my family.

But most of all, I love, love, love to travel with my family.

This is probably the part where you’re starting to wonder if I am an introvert. Yes. I am an introvert. And I do introvert things like write quite a bit.

Cover photo of The Only Way Is Up

In a prior life (insert chuckle!), I published a book: The Only Way is Up, The Journey of an Immigrant. 2008, 2010. Amazon Kindle version ONLY still available. Click on image above for direct link. Please ignore listings of any other format.

Cover photo of Miracles  and Moments of Grace

I also made a chapter contribution to another book, Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Doctors (Chapter 47: The Gift Of Laughter). 2012.

Dr. Folake and her old office staff

My lovely office staff and I, while I was practicing outpatient internal medicine.



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