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Toxins In Your Kitchen Guide


We talk about detox a lot these days. But how about decreasing our toxic exposure also? There are so many toxins in our every day lives. I like to start in the kitchen, with what has the closest proximity to our food. If we have the information, we can decrease our toxic exposure in our homes, while we continue to put pressure on policy makers about toxins in our environment. 

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Toxins In Your Kitchen


This is a short video presentation that I recorded for a summit I was a part of. If you’d rather watch/ listen than read the info in the guide above, or you prefer to do both, please access this video version instead, or in addition to. It’s essentially the same information on limiting toxic exposure, starting in the most important section of the home, the kitchen. Why? Because that is where food happens. And as a bonus, you get some of my story. laughing

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My Top 10 Antioxidants Guide


Have you ever heard of oxidative stress? Reactive Oxygen Species? Free Radicals? Not to worry. You don’t need to know what they are. This is a simple guide about my top 10 antioxidants (foods and/ supplements), to help you biohack the powerhouse of the cells of your body-those little things called mitochondria! And you don’t even need to know what those are either. Simply put, antioxidants make you feel stronger and perform better, depending on what part of your body each one acts on the most. Want to know what else is cool about antioxidants? They also help you age in reverse.👌🏾

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