Folake Taylor thriving with PPMS

Folake Taylor, MD, FACP

a DOCTOR OF internal medicine turned mS recovery expert & educator, thriving with ppms!!! 


I’m Dr. Folake Taylor

Thriving with PPMS and helping you thrive with multiple sclerosis MS too!

I teach women with MS how to improve their quality of life by living with fewer symptoms and flares which improves functioning.

A believer in targeting root causes through holistic modalities.

Working my way out of physical and cognitive disability.

My truths: What we eat, drink, listen to, watch, think, and believe, can either nourish us or harm us. Choose wisely!

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”– Hippocrates.

Celery juice for thriving with PPMS

YOU are my Why!!!

Let me explain…

The Shocker!

After my Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis in 2016, I quickly became aware that conventional medicine, though certainly helpful in many ways, was not adequate for managing my MS.

Can you relate?

Imagine my surprise, that the kind of medicine that I practiced daily, was not enough!

The holistic lifestyle changes I had initially turned to since I became disabled in 2014, became the backbone of my wellness journey, and the foundation on which the rest of my life would be built.

There was not yet a medication on the market for the rare primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS), at my time of diagnosis. That came the following year.

The Aha!

However, I was not able to do one modality, without the other. I realized that I’m not one of those who stop eating gluten or artificial sweeteners and have been free of any serious MS symptoms since, though I wish I was. 😆 But I’ve had to work extra hard for any gains. And that became a lifestyle that has to be practiced daily.

The strategy that ended up working best for me, was combining conventional medicine, with functional medicine, a practice otherwise known as the integrative medicine approach.

Primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) is a different “animal.” Healing from any form of MS is often a journey rather than a destination, so any change that gets good results needs to become a practice. Consistency is key rather than a “one and done.”

I have had to craft my life around faith & mindset, nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, rehabilitation, detoxification, supplements, biohacking, and medication.

If you happen to be someone who can stop taking medication for MS eventually, your body will let you know, at the right time. Then you and your doctor can decide which way to go, and how.

My Message to YOU!

No two people with MS are the same, and everyone does not recover to the same degree. But holistic modalities can heal your body. This happens by reducing or reversing damage at the cellular level and optimizing your mitochondria to combat oxidative stress. The mitochondria are the energy factory of the human cell.

Healing & recovery are not an event or destination, but a process and a journey.

If like me, you have found the solutions given by your doctor and Western medicine somewhat underwhelming, I will help you navigate the holistic modalities that address root causes, rather than just targeting mainly the endpoint.

So, while your doctor is doing their thing, you can also be doing some extra things that complement each other.

I’ve had some really dark days. Now that they’re behind me, I don’t ever want another woman with MS to feel alone like I did in those times.

As I’m thriving with PPMS, come along with me so you too can thrive with MS.

You need a guide. Let’s connect.

I am the MS Educator!

#MSEducator #DocWithMS

What Does Disability Look Like These Days?

Transport chair and scooter as Dr. Folake moves toward thriving with PPMS

Current State

My need for mobility aids decreased slowly over time as I got better. These days, I spend more time looking like the image below on the right, which is why I can say that I am thriving with PPMS.

Disability looks more invisible and entails spending a significant part of my day on MS self-care, as I continue to heal. If I have a day when I need a mobility aid, will I use it? You bet. Can I get up and head to work seeing patients from 9 am to 6 pm Monday-Friday? Not exactly. I’m not all the way there yet, but I’m so far from where I started, both physically and cognitively. While I’m working my way out of disability, I started a business!!!


Initially, I wondered if I needed to be all the way better to start to help others with MS. But the more I shared on social media, primarily Instagram, the more I realized that it would be selfish to wait until I am all the way better. Because I would be keeping information to myself, from people who need it now, just for the sake of a few doubters that will say, “But she’s still disabled,” or “But she still takes medication,” or even “I need to see her fully recovered to believe it!”


There will always be people who are not convinced about my message, and those people are NOT my people.

My people are those who like what I’ve been saying, are learning from my tips and tricks and getting better from them, and especially those who are learning even more from my online program, MS Mastery™. They are people with MS who don’t feel good right now and want to know how to feel better. People like those who gave the testimonials below.

If most people I know with MS did even a fraction of the things I have done to recover from MS, they will see a huge shift in their baseline.

Come on this journey with me, because we’re about to have an awesome time stomping all over multiple sclerosis!!!

Images of Dr. Folake on a rollator walker, a cane, and without mobility aid as she fully embodies thriving with PPMS

Praise from the MS Community!

“I experience incontinence [Urinary]. I was sharing that in our Clubhouse room. Dr. Taylor shared with us that she used [xxx] pills. I ordered it and told another gentleman who was experiencing that, and recently diagnosed with MS, for which doctors were prescribing meds. He just shared with me that he’s got a serious improvement from incontinence, and so am I.”

“I just wanted to reach out and thank Dr. Taylor for being there and sharing this with us, because incontinence is a serious issue with MS patients, and some have to use diapers. I’ve been downtown today in Chicago for hours. I didn’t have this kind of freedom before, because for people who have incontinence, you’ve got to go to the bathroom, and when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.”

“To cut a long story short, I’m experiencing THE quality of life and I just wanted to say thank you.”

Linda Mokeme, MS Warrior 37 years, Amazon bestselling author of “The Gift Of Multiple Sclerosis, Living Fully And Joyfully Without Depression.”

“I’m a person that has dealt with Dr. Folake Taylor. And I would like to say how amazing she is. She has been with me about her story with MS, and my story with MS, and along our journeys, she has been so informative, about toxins, about food, about what even to store our food in. Eating clean is so important, and she so knows all about this, and is so willing to share this information.

“So many doctors don’t have this information, or are not willing to share it. She completely goes out of her way to share this information. If you ever, ever want to reach anybody about MS, or about anything, somebody you know is on the spectrum, please, talk to Dr. Taylor. I would highly, highly recommend her. She has been in some of my Clubhouse rooms, and she has been so informative. I could say on a scale of 1-10, she’s a 15.”

“So please, if you ever need any information, just ask Dr. Taylor. She’s always more than willing to be helpful. If she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll find them, and then she’ll share them with you. She is amazing… I would call this doctor anytime, any day, any week!”

Tracy Shudo, MS Warrior 25 years, Biohacker.

I have known Folake since childhood. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2019. I knew who to turn to for help.  I made contact with her and am still very emotional about how supportive she was to me.  She was the only person that could really understand my daily struggles.  She shared her experiences with me. She bought me the Dr. Whals Protocol book. She shared with me the nutritional/dietary changes I need to make, the exercises etc.

She was careful not to share with me all of her own struggles as she knew I was not in a healthy ‘mental state of mind’ at that time.  Therefore, her concerns and emphasis was always about my mental state as I was going through depression and I didn’t even know it at that time.  I recall one of her messages to me was ‘Toyin, I will hold your hand to fight this MS and you wouldn’t have to go through some of the things that I have been through’…this still makes me teary to date!

I being an Accountant by profession, the first thing I asked her after going through her website is how do you make money from this seeing you have made it free of charge! I guess this just about gives a glimpse about the heart of FolakeTaylorMD. A Doctor at heart and by profession.


Toyin Busari, MS Warrior

“Dr. Taylor was quick and ready to help. Her response to my request for guidance and motivation in my journey with MS was not expected. Most people wouldn’t have responded if they even opened the message at all, but she responded quickly and got right to business! I really appreciate the suggestions given thus far. And on top of helping with MS, I believe her biohacking steps to prevent covid vaccine side effects helped me get away with only a sore arm.”

“I can’t wait till her program gets off the ground fully. It’s just what the MS community needs.”


NaCheri Burris, MS Warrior

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