There appears to be a paucity of primary progressive multiple sclerosis PPMS research. So I have decided to compile a list of what I have, so that anyone like me who is interested can hop on board with whichever one fits.

So far since my diagnosis, I’ve been part of one study out of UCSF on genes clusters among people with MS. It was not even a PPMS study.


Picnic Health

If my memory serves me right, this is a database for medical records for MS patients. To find out more details about this opportunity, please click here.

I will likely have an update on this soon. They had reached out to me last year, but it was hard to set up a meeting toward the end of the year.


FENtrepid Study

This study is on new PPMS medication. Click here for details.


Study of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase BTK Inhibitor, Tolebrutinib

This is another drug study by Sanofi, listed on Please click here to access more information.


Australian PPMS Study

This aims to study etiological factors in PPMS in Australians. Please click here for more info.


In Conclusion

Do you have more information on PPMS Research? Please leave me a comment so that I can update this post, will ya?

If you haven’t, do please check out what goodies I have for you here. And if my upcoming work sparks your interest, do join my waitlist for MS Mastery™, Your Blueprint For Multiple Sclerosis Recovery.

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I am Dr. Folake Taylor, and I live with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis PPMS. After 15 years in internal medicine primary care, while battling disability/ PPMS for the last 7 of the 15, I found myself diving deeper into holistic health for answers. Now I’m turning my lemons into lemonade. I refuse to allow physical and cognitive disability to stop me, from fulfilling my destiny of using my voice to benefit the world with my knowledge, which I did prior to my illness. Sharing what I have learned and am still learning about the body’s ability to heal itself, which is quite different from what I learned in medical school, is now my mission. I created an online program for MS recovery called MS Mastery™, and I will continue to take you along with me as the daily journey continues.


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