The Research

How would you like to participate in MS research? Look no further. Here is an important IG live with Dr. Terry Wahls on a remitting relapsing MS research opportunity. And I thought warranted its own blog post. Wouldn’t you agree that research is that important?

Some of us complain about little or no representation. Well, how do we get representation? By participating in research. That’s how.

Now, this is a research study on 3 different diets. These diets are a Modified Paleolithic Elimination Diet, a Time Restricted Olive Oil-based Ketogenic Diet, or your usual diet.

Dr. Wahls is very intent on getting a diverse audience enrolled in this study. She is doing everything she can and reaching out to different communities to make this happen.

Here is the information directly from Dr. Wahls’s website:

“We are recruiting patients for a new research study: Efficacy of Diet on Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis. Complete this survey to see if you are eligible. Download the study brochure here.

Take a listen below and see if you’re interested in and able to participate.

In any case, even if you’re not a fit for this particular study or you don’t have RRMS, taking the survey gets you into their registry for future studies. As you will hear Dr. Wahls say in the IG Live, she is fervently working on funding for progressive MS in the future.

Here is the actual Study Website. Do check it out for full details, and please pass on this MS research opportunity to someone you know who might be a good fit.


The Need

Do you realize that MS research is especially important for minority populations where MS often shows up differently than in Caucasians? And that Caucasians are who the studies and therefore treatments and such largely fashioned after?

Improvement in the care of minority populations with MS is going to be directly proportionate to research findings on minority populations. There just is not any way around it. Data is needed.

For data to be collected, participation must happen!


The IG Live With Dr. Terry Wahls!


Dr. Folake.



Lastly, check with your doctor before implementing anything new. I am NOT your doctor, though I am a doctor.

This is purely educational, not giving you medical advice, and it is certainly not tailored specifically to you because I don’t have enough information on you to do that.

I am Dr. Folake Taylor, and I live with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis PPMS. After 15 years in internal medicine primary care, while battling disability/ PPMS for the last 7 of the 15, I found myself diving deeper into holistic health for answers. Now I’m turning my lemons into lemonade. I refuse to allow physical and cognitive disability to stop me, from fulfilling my destiny of using my voice to benefit the world with my knowledge, which I did prior to my illness. Sharing what I have learned and am still learning about the body’s ability to heal itself, which is quite different from what I learned in medical school, is now my mission. And as I create an online self-paced course for MS recovery, I will take you along with me as the daily journey continues.

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