New year resolutions are obsolete to me, as I have not had any in more than a decade.

Why? Let me explain.

I realized that all it was for the most part, was a long list of things, that got stockpiled till January 1st, then we tried to implement them all at once, which usually wasn’t very successful. This was because that model of meaningful change, was really, just a recipe for disaster.

How it was supposed to go: I picked up 10 new habits on January 1st and yay, I was successful in implementing them.

How it really went: I started to do 10 new things at once. I got overwhelmed. They slowly started to drop off. By February or March, I’d stopped doing many, if not most of them. It was a struggle, and that made it unsustainable for anyone, but even more so when dealing with chronic illness.


The Alternative

Now, while I went ahead and stopped making new year resolutions, I also had a suggestion for those who were still very firmly sold on the idea. By making a little tweak to implementation, you can still be successful. I started to advise people to stagger the implementation of their new year resolutions, over the course of months. One other strategy I suggested was to institute one at a time, and make sure to master each new habit, before adding on a new task.

Also, I really just decided that the entire idea of stockpiling changes for one arbitrary day of the year, glorified by humans, could do with some tweaking. How about this? If once we realized that a certain change needed to be made in our life, we just pick a time in the very near future, or better still right now, and start to implement it? That made a whole lot more sense to me. And that is what I have practiced since.


What’s New?

However, in recent years, I started to pick a word or a theme for the year, or both. in 2021, I had a theme. I was part of a Year Of Miracles group, and along with the theme, we also had miracle intentions, and affirmations.


The Year 2021

IG Story stating my words for the year (Community and Deeper) and why they are important, my replacements for new year resolutions

Stunting for the gram while communicating my words for the year 2022!!


  • Restoration


  • Super abundant health
  • Growth connections
  • Financial Breakthrough


  • I experience total health.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I enjoy super abundance.

I have to tell you, it was a spectacular year. To have had so much growth and so many changes in the right direction, in the year in which I lost my mother, is nothing short of miraculous.


The Year 2022


  • Community
  • Deeper


  • Relationships

I’m going to hold on to my miracle intentions and affirmations from 2021 for a while. They’re an ongoing process: My healing, my pivoting into an online business, and the health of my mind. Not to be confused with daily affirmations.

What’s really spectacular about my words and theme being around connecting with other humans is, I’m an introvert. And at age 48, I’m starting to embrace being a part of a group, a part of something, more than ever before. And I firmly believe that this is part of my healing process. I’m letting go of control, and opening myself up to my greater good.

I have specific goals, and I have them written down. But I didn’t wait to start these on the arbitrary day January 1st. And even my theme, and words for 2022 are ongoing. I’m just embracing & focusing on them more, and letting down my resistance to community.


My Conclusion On This Matter

It really doesn’t have to be new. With a long list of things I need to do daily for MS, I am drawn to ease.

This idea of broader concepts like words and themes, setting intentions, as well as mindfulness in the form of prayers and meditation, seem to be the winning combo for me. At least for beginning the year. Actual tasks and behavior changes come year round, as and when needed.

I’m curious however, do you still have new year resolutions, and have they been working for you? Share your system. Inquiring minds want to know. I do realize that there is no one size fits all.

Blessings in 2022, and beyond. As Devon Franklin said recently in an IG post, I wish you a Happy TRUE Year. Whatever you do, be your most authentic self.


I am Dr. Folake Taylor, and I live with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis PPMS. After 15 years in internal medicine primary care, while battling disability/ PPMS for the last 7 of the 15, I found myself diving deeper into holistic health for answers. Now I’m turning my lemons to lemonade. I refuse to allow physical and cognitive disability stop me, from fulfilling my destiny of using my voice to benefit the world with my knowledge, which I did prior to my illness. Sharing what I have learned and am still learning about the body’s ability to heal itself, which is quite different from what I learned in medical school, is now my mission. And as I create an online self-paced course for MS recovery, I will take you along with me as the daily journey continues.


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